Giới thiệu

It is a beautiful summer day. I am travelling on train. Two women are on the train with me. The women sit opposite me. The women speak English.

I don’t understand much. I study English but I am a beginner. I don’t know many words. I start to speak to the women. I say some words in my basic English. The women understand what I want to say. I am happy.

I say that I want to learn English. They women tell me that they are from England. They go home from a conference.

Our conversation is 10 minutes long. The next station is my station. I say goodbye. The women give me their address and phone number. They tell me that I can visit them in England. Then we say goodbye.

After this meeting I work on my English every day. I translate texts and I watch films in English. In six months, my English is much better. It is good but I want to know more. I go to London. I want to study English in London.